About Me

Kevin Wong

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Rhode Island in the Putnam Lab studying the potential for rapid acclimatiztion of reef-building corals to environmental change. I use scleractinian corals as my model organism to determine how parental history (e.g. bleaching events) influences offspring performance. I am integrating physiological, epigenetic, and transcriptomic tools to investigate the mechanisms involved. In the current technological age, I believe that reproducible workflows are important in producing rigorous, transparent, and collaborative science. All of my projects and workflows can be found on below and on Github.

My Career

University of Rhode Island

Biological and Environmental Sciences Department, Evolutionary and Marine Biology Specialization

September 2017 - Present
Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant

Bermuda Insitute of Ocean Sceinces

June 2014 - Present
CABIOS & Graduate Research Intern, Teaching Assistant

Carleton University

Department of Environmental Sciences, Minor in Biology

September 2011 - April 2016
Bachelor of Science

My Projects

Reproductive Ecology from Shallow to Mesophotic Zones

A project determining the differences in reproduction and offspring phenotype of Porites astreoides between three distinct reef zones in Bermuda.

Thermal Stress on Reproduction Across Reef Zones

A project investigating the inter-site variability of thermal stress on the reproduction of Porites astreoides from different reef zones.

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Trancriptomic Analysis for TGA

A transcriptomic analysis of pre-conditioned reef-building corals to elevated temperature and PCO2 conditions during reproduction. This is a complementary data set from Putnam and Gates (2015).

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Parental History and Offspring Performance

A project studying the impacts of natural and experimental manipulations of parental history on offspring fitness to thermal stress.

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