Adult coral Homogenate prep and symbiont separation


This protocol is used to separate coral tissue slurry that is homogenized into host (coral) and symbiont (Symbiodinaceae) fractions. The samples used in this protocol were from the Astrangia poculata nutrition experiment run by K. Wong in April 2019. Corals were snap frozen, airbrushed with filtered seawater, homogenized with a glass homogenizer, aliquoted appropriately (500 μL in each tube), and frozen at -80°C. This homogenate separation will be used for citrate synthase analyses and DNA extractions

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Symbiodinium Density Analysis Protocol

This protocol is for counting Symbiodinium cells in various coral tissues. In terms of sample preparation and final counts, please be aware of what type of tissue you are using (i.e. larvae, juvenile spat, or adult tissue).

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February Goals

  1. Start analyzing larval Symbiodinium density and total protein samples TGA 2017 experiment
  2. Outline my review chapter and develop meta-analysis hypotheses
  3. Edit adult respiration r code to ensure output is correct by March 01 2018
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November Goals

  1. Finish larval Symbiodinium density and total protein quantifications for TGA 2017 experiment
  2. Finish results for TGA 2017 experiment
  3. Create an outline for Ch.1 (review) PhD dissertation
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